Do you have questions on Medicare?? Are the various parts A, B, C & D seem more like an alphabet soup than a health plan?

It is never to soon or late to get help.   So you ask, how does it work?  After you contact me we schedule an appointment & we go over what your  coverage currently looks like, what your lifestyle is, what you are looking for and most importantly......what do you want out of your benefits?  You pay for them!  Get the most out of them!   You and I will also go over what your concerns and prescription cost will be.  Do you want chiropractic or health club benefits?  These are just a few of the questions that together we go over.

So you ask, How much does it cost? The best part of all is my services are free!!!  The carriers pay me direct.  One of the best things that came out of Healthcare reform is that no matter which carrier you chose I am paid the same amount.  Which means to you I truely am looking out for your best interests. Also, if you feel all your questions have been answered I love referrals! Have your friends call us as per CMS guidelines I am unable to contact them first.

Please call Deborah @ 520-403-3505 to request an appointment. ​

Medicare Made Easier

by AzInsuranceLady

Medicare Benefits and Questions Answered

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